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Edward R. Ziegler, Principal

Edward R. Ziegler is a petroleum and natural gas engineer with a law degree. He is also a registered Professional Engineer (Texas – Petroleum Specialty), a Certified Safety Professional (C.S.P.), and has been trained several times as an OSHA 500-series instructor. Currently, Ziegler is the American Society of Safety Engineers’ appointee to the ANSI Z49.1 welding and cutting safety committee, and he has served on other industry safety committees.

His diverse, international background includes oilfield, safety, pipeline, and construction employment. Particularly, he has extensive oilfield experience in drilling, completion, production, reservoir, and construction engineering—both onshore and offshore. His construction experience includes oilfield and non-oilfield-related projects, including owning and operating a welding, fabrication, and maintenance company that focused on maritime, oilfield, pipeline, and chemical plant projects.

Mr. Ziegler is involved in oil and gas, safety, and litigation consulting. He also runs his oil and gas production and drilling business. Ziegler is one of the few consultants and expert witnesses who is actively engaged in business and industry.

Services Provided By The Firm

Oil and Gas – Petroleum engineering, well design, well planning, drilling, completions, workovers, well problems, fishing and trouble-shooting; reserves, costs and evaluation; project and logistics planning; documents and agreements; industry standards and practice; drilling contracts and operating agreements; disposal and injection; and onshore and offshore (includes international projects)

Pipelines – Regulations and safety; construction, welding, and repairs; horizontal boring; manuals, training, and procedures

Safety – Regulations and standards, programs, audits, training, OSHA, DOT, MMS-BSEE, EPA, process safety and management of change; slips and falls; workplace safety; onshore and offshore (includes international applications)

Human Factors and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) – Forensic human factors, accident reconstruction and scientific accident analysis, errors and mistakes, usability testing and reports, signal detection, warnings, instructions, surveys, cognition, attention, memory, human-centered design, research, data analysis, signage, procedures, manuals, and product and system assessments

Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services

In the areas listed above, we have 30+ years of experience in federal, state, and international courts; mediation and arbitration; and dispute resolution. We also have extensive experience developing visual materials and models that can be used in reports and court.

Select instances of our previous work include testifying in the BP-Macondo litigation, working on the BP Texas City refinery case, and serving as a consultant for pipeline/well safety for the City of Mont Belvieu, Texas. Projects have covered a variety of topics such as plant and pipeline failures, drilling rig incidents, oilfield fatigue, well blowouts--along with reserve and cost issues, welding hazards, cranes, equipment design and use, and numerous oilfield toxic tort cases (e.g., drilling fluid asbestos cases and others) to give just some examples.

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